Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iTunes Movie Trailers App Updated With New iPad Retina Display Support

In the past couple of days, Apple is actively pushing updates to its developed iOS applications in the App Store for the new iPad support with Retina Display designed graphics. Apple has almost updated its all applications, including the Find My Friends, Find my iPhone / iPad, and now it is reported that according to the promise. Apple has finally updated its iTunes Movie Trailer application for the iOS devices with the support of stunning new Retina-enabled graphics for the new third-generation iPad.

The iTunes Movie Trailers app is one of the user’s favorite application, as it mirrors the Apple’s own Movie Trailer site content on the iOS devices in a good-looking showcase for the iPad’s bigger screen and now with the support for new iPad. The application is now expected to deliver the movie trailers in the high-definition quality for the new iPad users, as the new iPad is capable of playing the boost sized 1080p video content on the Retina Display.

However, here is a single screenshot  from the Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave, and the screenshot is clearly detailing the scene very clearer on the iPad display screen, but it is still not confirmed that which resolution Apple is streaming to the users within the new iTunes Movie Trailer application for the iOS devices.

The application is now available in the App Store world-wide, and is said to be capable of streaming the new movie trailers and special offers from the Apple over both the data-network and Wi-Fi network that means you are not restricted to be connected with Wi-Fi to enjoy the new movie trailers on your iPad. Well, using this kind of application on the LTE network is foolishness, as the LTE network speed is so fast and can eat up your whole month data network in a single shot to the high-definition complete video.