Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iTunes Match Settings Start Appearing In iOS 5 Hints Launch

Last week while announcing the iOS 5 and iCloud for iOS devices, Apple has pushed back its new debuted service of “iTunes Match” to the end of the October. iTunes Match is the upcoming paid service of Apple which allows to match the songs with cloud and local storage for more accurate playing lists. The service is pushed back on the launch of iOS 5 to the end of October, the service will now only release in the United States means only U.S can access the service but the company has planned to expand its circle to other stores soon after the first launch of the service in US.

It appears that Apple is now giving the final touches to the service and readying up to launch the iTunes Match in U.S by the end of the month. Apple has recently silently removes the function of iTunes Match from the iTunes 10.5 public release to work more on the service before debuting it appears that Apple has also give some cosmetic updates to iOS 5 to hide the toggles of iTunes Match in iOS 5, but now it appears that toggle start showing in the iOS 5 General Setting which allow users to use the service back and as well as the toggles are start appearing on the normal users device too.

Non-developers turning on iTunes Match on their devices will not yet be able to sign up for the $24.99/year service, as iOS 5 pops up an alert instructing users to sign up through iTunes. Apple to release the iTunes Match with the iTunes 10.5.1 which is not currently available to public but it is expected that they will soon release the update of iTunes 10.5.1 to public right before the launch of the service. Apple is, however, advertising the service as “coming soon” on the front page of the iTunes Store.