Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

iTunes Match Libraries Wipe Out Once Again, Launch Imminent

Once again, Apple sent outs a notification emails to the beta testers of Apple’s upcoming iTunes Match. Apple has announced once again that they will wipe out all the libraries of users from iTunes Match on November 12th at 10 AM Pacific time.  Apple has already missed out the couple of the launch time period for the iTunes Match due to some technical difficulties.

iTunes Match will be an add-on feature for the iTunes feature, which allow users to match their libraries with Apple’s iCloud Server Music directory and mirror the music files all over the user’s device. With the announcement of wiping all data from iTunes Match, Apple also spilled beans about the launch of the service, as they noted. The launch of the services is not so far, which means that they are actually in the last phase to fix some bugs from the service, before making its debut in public.