Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iTunes Match iCloud Library To Reset On September 26th

After the reset of iCloud, now it is the turn for iTunes Match to get reset. iTunes Match was introduced back in iTunes beta 8 for MAC OS X only. Today a notification appeared in iTunes Beta 9 for MAC OS X users, who are registered for iTunes Match.

Apple stated that they will be resetting iTunes Match iCloud Libraries on 26th of September. A part from this notification, Apple also started to mail the iTunes Mach Subscribers that it is necessary to reset iTunes Match iCloud libraries in order to improve the performance, service reliability and over all quality.

The reset time stated by Apple is 9 AM PDT / 10 AM PST and all users of the iTunes Match service will need to turn off iTunes Match on both their Macs and iOS devices.

  This reset will be a big step towards the final release of iOS 5 and iCloud. Apple is reported to have a press conference on October 4th. So we are just a week or two away from the press conference and we will see what Apple will come up with.