Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iTunes Match iCloud Data Library Gets Wiped. iOS 5 GM Release Imminent?

Like Apple said that they will be erasing the iTunes Match iCloud Library on 26th of September. So finally  they did what they said. Today iTunes Match iCloud Library got reset by Apple.

If you have become the victim of the reset, so you have to start all over again.

Now the iTunes Match got reset, so the good news is that we might be seeing iOS 5 GM today some time. iOS 5 GM was rumored a long way back and it was also expected that Apple might be releasing a Beta 8 of iOS 5. The dates passed away for iOS 5 Beta 8 and still no Beta 8 till now.

So hopefully we might be seeing iOS 5 GM today which was said to be ported to iPhone 5/4S hardware manufacturers on Friday and will be flashed into them starting today. If we see iOS 5 GM today, so we will seeing iOS 5 release on October 4th on Apples Media Event and soon iPhone 5/4S.