Mon. May 23rd, 2022

iTunes Match Finally Goes Live Internationally! Get It Now!

So after a lot of hide & seek drama, Apple has finally made its iTunes Match live for the international users of its iOS devices and iTunes with iCloud features. From the last night, a large number of users reporting from different places that they just got access on the iTunes Match for the couple of hours, and again lost it. The service was going through the update process which makes the service available for the few users around the globe, while down for others.  It appears that Apple has finally made the service available for all the users outside from the U.S.
iTunes Match International Launch
iTunes Match was scheduled the couple of times in the past for the launch but got delayed every time due to some technical issues at the back-end, from the last month Apple made its service available at least for the U.S residence users, and promised with other international users to launch it soon for them. It seems that Apple has quietly been kicking out the launch of the iTunes Match in the several countries around the globe. Many readers on the social network sites reported that they have been successfully able to sign up for the iTunes Match from outside the U.S, and the iTunes Match sign up link goes live for them on the main page of iTunes.

Apple has releases the iTunes Match at least in Canada, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom in the last few hours, the users from these locations have reported that the service is just available to them, and they are already able to sync their libraries with the iTunes Match and iCloud.


Update: We’re also receiving reports of iTunes Match links going live on iTunes Stores in Australia, France, New Zealand, and Spain.

Update 2: Users are reporting that the iTunes Match does appear to be working in the new countries, with subscribers’ libraries being matched.