Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iTunes in the Cloud For Movies Capable Of Matching Digital Media From Disc Purchases

Apple has announced the new addition of Movies & TV Shows to their iTunes in Cloud service on the launch of next-generation iPad, and the service is reportedly appeared to be a really useful for the users who have purchased a lot of video content on the iTunes Store for their iOS devices. It appears that some users are actually had started accessing to the service, and reportedly discovers an interesting feature of the service, as the service is capable of mirroring the Disc Purchases of the video content, and present in the iTunes library.

The report comes from a user who reported that he is capable of mirroring its DVD / CD purchased a movie on the iTunes In The Cloud with the launch of new add-on service. The iTunes in the cloud is now capable of matching and syncing your iTunes Digital Copes for some films purchased through the retail DVD packs or Blu-ray.

Basically the new iTunes in the Cloud correctly matches the digital copy of the purchased DVD film, and synced it with the iCloud services, so therefore the movie started streaming on the different devices connected with a single ID. Well; this feature is appeared to be really grateful, but we believe that the feature is initially not going to support all the film’s data, as most of the DVD copies of the original film don’t come with the digital media copy, and the iTunes in the cloud is only capable of syncing data that is purchased with digital media license.