Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

“iTunes In Cloud” Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

As Apple has start releasing the some features of iCloud and iOS 5 just ahead of the official launch it seems that one of the most superb feature of the iCloud for iTunes has just kicked out for the US users. This morning after updating the iCloud website, it seems that Apple has given a quick update to US iTunes Store, now it carries the “Purchased Tab” officially, which means that Apple has kicked out the “iTunes in Cloud”, now you can re-download all the recently purchased music from iTunes Store on all devices.

While all the things moving rapidly towards the official launch of iCloud, we are getting couple of reports from the users that they have got the access on the Apple’s new iTunes in Cloud and few other application features of iCloud. iCloud is expected to launch today soon in next couple of hours by Apple alongside iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7.2


iTunes in the Cloud also supports automatic downloads, allowing users to purchase content on one device and have it automatically appear on other devices associated with the user’s account. The new feature of iTunes in cloud is the change in the work of “Purchased Tab” now the button will heads you to the music and allows you to enable the feature and re-download the all content on other connected devices.