Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iTunes Creator Jeff Robbin To Head Apple’s Television Project

In the last few days, we have seen rumors regarding the Apple HDTV making a lot of sound around the web, since the excerpt from Steve Jobs biography quoted by the publication that he got a way to get into the TV business, and he cracked a way to introduce a new elegant way of TV. It is lately reported that Apple HDTV project actually in the prototype phase, may be the device could come later next year or in the start of 2013.

According to the today’s Bloomberg report, it is reported that publication got some words from their sources inside the Apple and claimed that the person who invented the iTunes and was co-leader at Apple in the invention of iPod has been assigned to the project of Apple’s television.

Jeff Robbin, the guy who introduced the iTunes and its idea to Apple has assigned by the executives to lead the Apple television project and is the same person who co-leads the iPod invention with Tony Fadell.  The earlier report comes to us from the research note of Piper Jaffray’s, Gene Munster, which comes up with a hell of tidbits regarding the Apple television project. He noted that Apple to introduce a television with the couple of new features and to revolutionize the television industry.

The device is now rumored to support the Apple’s new Siri service, iCloud and the other numerous unnamed services by Apple, which could enrich the use of television.