Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iTunes Accounts Under Fire As Hacker Using To Steal Money

It appears that once again Apple is under the fire of hackers attack on its iTunes Store, as a single thread on Apple’s Support Forum regarding the iTunes account hacking is growing rapidly.  Hundreds of iTunes customers are reporting now that their accounts are under the axe of hackers attack, and they have just lost coupled of their iTunes Credit in the unknown purchases of applications, games on the store, and even got access to their PayPal accounts.

More on this issue, The Globe and Mail reports that customers are now losing their control and start commenting about the company’s lack of control on their system on social services. Many users blame the response time of Apple, on the issue, and the meantime. they have lost the couple of money.  According to the report of publication, Apple has just started working on the issue, and start taking actions on the recent purchases from the iTunes Apple accounts.

Apple has just started disabling the account with having coupled of purchases from the App Store in the past couple of hours, and start refunding the money they have spent on Apple’s App purchasing under the hackers attack. It appears that team over the Apple iTunes system is not acknowledging that there is a issue in the system, and without reviewing the applications manually they are pushing automatic refunding the money.

While some hacks are for personal financial gain, some crooked developers hack accounts to give themselves positive ratings on their own apps. A Vietnam developer allegedly hacked over 400 accounts two years ago to give himself five-star ratings on Apple’s iTunes App Store.
When The Globe and Mail reached out for comment from Apple, they responded, “Apple takes precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse.”