Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

iTunes 10.3.1 Released For Windows And Mac To Fix Syncing Issue

Right after the WWDC keynote Apple had released the iTunes 10.3 to public to bring some early features of iCloud, like support for the iCloud in iTunes in United States, Automatic Download and some refreshed UI, but after the release some user facing issues in Syncing the iOS devices with latest iTunes 10.3. So today Apple has again released the next version of iTunes 10.3.1 to resolve the syncing error. Apple had also released the iTunes 10.5, but it was just for developers to enable the support to update their devices to iOS 5 and to sync with it.


iTunes 10.3.1 is now available both for Mac OS and Windows, to get the latest update simply heads to the Apple’s Support site of the Software Update control panel, and download the latest version of iTunes 10.3.1