Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iTools Lets You Check Your Operator For Free With New Features

People who own an Apple’s iDevice are trouble in every time regarding the information of their iDevice. Most of them they don’t know about their iPhone’s that it is locked or unlocked, which carrier is it locked on, where was it issued and so many issues. You can know all about this only by contacting the person from whom you bought the iPhone. If that person also doesn’t knows about the details of the iPhone which he sold you, you are now help less and must be wondering about where to know about this iPhone.

Some how you manage to get some information by paying for it on different websites. Those websites only allow you get the name of the carrier for some heavy charge and tells you about the carrier name, it is locked on and the expiry date of it.

Today, we came across a new tool called iTool that allows you to perform many things with just one click. With this iTool, you can simply check your carrier information. You can check the iPhone operator on which it is locked/ unlocked on and in which country your iPhone was issued. It can also tell you about the model, color, IMEI, UDID, and much more about your iPhone.

This iTool is also a perfect substitute of iTunes. This tool also allows you to install Apps, Add music, Photos, transfer media, and much more.

You can see the iPhone i got is an iPhone 4S, White color and it is Factory Unlocked. The iPhone was purchased from USA.

Now to check your operator all you need to do it simply go to view details and it will show you like this:

iTools can also show you the date when your iPhone was purchased, when it was started up, when the warranty started, when it will be ending, and what is the region of your iPhone. After knowing the region of your iPhone, it is easy for you to know about on which carrier is your iPhone is locked.

A part from all of these services, it also allows you to manage your Apps, Media, iBooks, Contacts, and the root access for the Jailbroken iDevices. You can install Apps, backup Apps, and delete Apps in the Application section of iTools.

This iTools is simply amazing and worth it to download. The only problem is that this tool is made for Windows so far. This tool is not supported for MAC OS X users.

You can download iTools for Windows from below:

Download iTools for Windows