Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

iSWiFTER To Bring Flash Based Video Games To iOS Devices

We have already couple of applications available in past that claims to bring flash based content, especially games to your iOS devices and other smartphones, such as Android. But as we all know, flash based content is banned on iOS devices and user cannot run it without modifying the device a little bit with additional app or jailbreak tweak and also many of those apps does not supports the Apple big screen dude iPad. Today we have an new application launched in App Store with name of “iSWiFTER”, claims to bring the flash based video games to the iOS device, by converting it to the format that iPad can easily play.


According to the app, the content will convert over their cloud servers and send over to you quickly, and the flash converted games will still support multi-touch gestures for game interaction, the application claims to bring popular web games to your iPad, such as Facebook games, Yahoo!, AOL and others like Miniclip, the app claimed to provide you flash game streaming by using the iSwifter Flash game streaming service. The app is available in App Store for free of cost. You can grab your copy from here