Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

iSWiFTER Makes your Dream Come True Of Flash On iPad (Hands On)

When iPad/iPad 2 came into being and every time a new iOS update was introduced by Apple one thing was always missed and till now it is not implemented by Apple. The thing was Flash. Apple didn’t allowed Flash in their iDevices due to which some of the users didn’t liked Apple iDevices. Even the users were not comfortable because there was no Flash for iPad.

In between many Apps and Tweaks came which said to support for Flash for iPad. Some failed and some got removed from the App Store and some didn’t worked the way they should do. Like this an App came in between with the name of Flash Video Expose which allowed you to play flash on iPad, but it failed to provide what it said.

After that we came across a new App with the name of iSWiFTER which also claimed to do the same work as Flash Video Expose. People thought it would also be the same. We also thought that this App may also not work like the previous Apps. But when we got our hands on to this Magical App, it really changed our perception.

This App really run Flash video and games. iSWiFter is a browser which lets you play Flash games and videos on your iPad.



Do check out the whole gallery. In the end I would like to thank one of my friend for giving me this iSWiFTER browser with Flash. To run Flash in this browser you need to Purchase it via in App Purchases which costs $4.99. Thought iSWiFTER is for free in iTunes.

You can download iSWiFTER for free from the App Store, only for iPad.