Sat. May 28th, 2022

iSleepWell – Nasty Plugin Allows You To Sleep Well With Your iPhone

Everyone wants the complete rest at night, and wants to sleep for a whole night at least until the morning. But having unwanted calls at night over your handy phone may kill your rest time, and put you in a depression in the morning. For all those who have been passing from these issues, we have new tool launched in Cydia for your iPhone that puts a mute to your iPhone networks while you are sleeping, and lets you enjoy your night.

iSleepWell is a new jailbreak tweak launched in Cydia that aims to bring the functionality that detects the orientation of iPhone using the built-in accelerometer, and operates the network according to the iPhone orientation. With this tweak enabled your iPhone, you can simply ditch all those unwanted calls,text-messages, and alerts on your device by placing the iPhone face down.

Once you place your device face down while using the tweak, it will automatically turn your iPhone into an Airplane mode and disable all other network radios on your device. In short, it helps you in saving the battery life of your iPhone and iPad. The enabling of an Airplane mode prevents phone calls, text messages and other kind of notifications from destroying your night.

I guess the developer behind the tweak must be bugged by various unwanted phone calls at night, and therefore he developed this tweak for himself, and then later decided to make quick bucks from it by seeding it in Cydia’s default repository for a little price tag of $0.99.

iSleepWell is a great tool for those who are disturbed from unwanted calls at night, but on the same time it is a risky tool as it can accidentally turn your device into an airplane mode. So before going to hook up the tweak from Cydia must think about it.