Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Is This Verizon iPhone4 Line?

Hey people now the day has come to grab their hands on Verizon iPhone4 and many people were expected to be purchasing the Verizon iPhone4. But when we see Verizon iPhone 4 Lines Are ‘Laughably Short’ so we cannot comment on them. You can also see the lines of the Verizon iPhone4.

Can you believe that this is the Verizon office where iPhone4 will be launched?

Bussiness Insiders report that:

The lines, so far, are not very long. (And some are laughably short.) But that’s not entirely surprising, given that it is FREEZING outside in many cities; that online pre-orders have already started shipping to peoples’ homes and offices; and that this is only kind-of halfway a new iPhone.

RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky offered some reasons for why the Verizon iPhone 4 launch might not perform as well as the AT&T one.
? The iPhone 4 at Verizon is new, but not novel (vs. when AT&T first launched its version of the iPhone 4).
? A lot of existing Verizon customers with Google (GOOG) Android phones are still on contract.
? AT&T offered customers an early upgrade option; Verizon did not.
? There are a lot of AT&T iPhone owners who might like to switch, but are still on contract.
? Verizon’s data plan ($30/mos.) is more expensive than AT&T’s $25 and $15 offerings.
? AT&T’s first-quarter iPhone 4 sales covered 13 weeks vs. Verizon’s 7 weeks.
? Some potential Verizon customers are holding out for the iPhone 5, expected to arrive this summer.

Still really strange no people out side the Verizon Office. Looks like people don’t want to buy iPhone4. you can check more photos of the Verizon iPhone4 Offices from here.