Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Is This iPhone 5 With Two Cameras To Shoot 3D Video? – (PICTURES)

We have pretty familiar these days with lot of different pictures, concepts and mockups of the Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, as we have reported regarding the sources days are getting closer to the launch date of iPhone 5, but its still in the dark that what things will carry the new device. According to the leaked picture in the wild, shows that next generation iPhone 5 to feature dual camera on the back to provide the facility of shooting 3D video. While seeing the photo we entered in to deep thought that this is a great thing or just a photoshoped work. These pictures of the phone which claimed that they are carries the next generation iPhone which support two cameras on its back for 3D shooting was posted by the





This website has no record regarding any type of rumors leak on Apple’s next generation iPhone, if you have seen the above image correctly, you must saw the iPhone 5 printed on its back cover, by looking from the back it exactly looks like the current iPhone 4. Photo series of this devices looks that some user has taken its picture, there is a point in our mind. We have seen this type of things many times, but only when Apple is about to announce the device and before it they send it to their Apple Stores and other official retailers, so it seems that some staff members has taken a picture of this device to show the public.