Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Is This Headphone Jack Of White Fifth Gen iPod Touch? (Photo)

Previously in July we were expecting the release of White iPod Touch Fifth Generation by Apple on its WWDC 2011. Later on when the event happened no iPod Touch was announced on the event. After a month we came across some leak of front parts of iPod which is said to be the Fifth Gen iPod Touch. It was not confirmed whether the pictures are a mockup or some sort of concept of the White iPod Touch Fifth Gen.

Those could be the part of unreleased version of iPod in White Color. Below is the possibly leaked part of the Fifth Gen iPod Touch Headphone Jack which is white in Color.

This  Headphone Jack was spotted by a Japanese website  macotakara which claims that this the Headphone Jack of the Fifth Generation iPod Touch offered by Lunac (Commerce Website).

It also rumored that Apple is working on a 3G iPod Touch Model. So this means that Apple will release the Fifth Gen iPod Touch 3G+WiFi later this year with iPhone 4S/5.

what do you think about this?