Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Is Sony TV To Come With Installed OS X Lion?

Well there is nothing such like thing that we have said above in the title of the post, but a quick glance at the below picture of the box might fool you, and forced to thinking so, there is no chance of this happened that Sony to power its TV with Apple’s Mac OS X Lion, but as we have said first look might fool you, because Sony has been using Apple’s default wallpaper of OS X Lion in their TV box as the background image of the device EX621 BRAVIA TV.

We don’t know how it’s happen, but we are guessing that someone at Sony – the guy who holds the charge of printing boxes for device has done this mess. It seems that Sony has already doctored the picture by zooming in slightly and changing the angle of the galaxy.

The box was spotted at Costco by an eagle-eyed 9to5 Mac reader.