Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

is SHAtter the New Huge Surprise of The Chronic-Dev Team?

A day before the Chronic-Dev Team announced that they got some Huge News for the Whole of the Chronic Dev-Team. The news is still a very big secret. But people are making guesses and no one knows the guesses might come right. When this news was brought up so told you that it might be of the Unlock for iPhone4 Basbeband because they talked about it on their Twitter. But @Veeence said on Twitter that:

@veeence A lot of you asked me what I think about the “SHA-hash-tweet” of @p0sixninja; I think they fixed SHAtter on the A5.
If you don’t know so SHAtter the Exploit which was said to PWN the iDevcies for life was Patched by Apple. Now the possibilities are there that they have got the SHAtter fixed for the A5 Chips. These are the chips which will be used in the upcoming iPhone5 and are being used in iPad2.
If this news comes true, so it would be really a great huge news for The Chronic Dev-Team and all those millions of Fans out there. Lets hope he news of this SHAtter and Unlock by them is true.