Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

is iPhone Dev-Team a Part of Apple ?

Hey folks this is very strange but seems to be true some how. After reading the whole scenario I was a bit shocked but found many things true and some where on which i don’t agree. So i thought up to share the piece of information with you. Below are some information taking from the web iphonehellas. They believe that Dev-Team works for (or IS) Apple. Below is what they think and I will give my Opinion  under their headings.


Before the jailbreak, none of us use the iPhone for applications, we used it mainly for web apps or music. Apple decided to create an App Store with applications but they were too lazy to moderate the App Store and they didn’t want to be responsible for it so Apple selected their most talented programers aka Dev-Team and paid them to create jailbreaks. When enough people did the jailbreaks, Apple realized they could make money out of it and then they made their own App Store! BUT WAIT, there’s more to it!

My Opinion:

when iPhone was launched it was not meant for gaming and no one ever thought of gaming. The first iPhone2G was launched only for calls and Music and Videos stuff. Apple also never thought to put the games and make an App Store for it. The Jailbreak was introduced after many months after the release of iPhone and App Store was implemented in the latest OS2.2.1 or so.

So this web goes directly to the Jailbreak of OS3.1.2 and further when Installous was introduced. And the talk remains about the App sales. Apple makes more money even if the device is Jailbroken or not. The people who crack first buys the Apps.


Apple wanted more people to purchase their iPhones (MORE $$$), but they had an exclusive contract with AT&T in the US so they had to disguise themselves as the DevTeam and create unlocks! For each update AT&T keeps pushing them to stop the jailbreak, so naturally Apple will make it seem like they’re patching the jailbreaks. Deep inside they’re dev-team in disguise, they release software unlocks so people can easily unlock their iPhones and in return they get more iPhone sales.

My Opinion:

As far as the Unlock is concerned so Apple cannot move into every country and city and open there Apple Store and make an official Launch of the iPhones. So some one had to make the Unlock for it so people can use it every where in the world. If the Dev-Team was a part of Apple so it would take them hardly 2 to 3 months not more than that to unlock the iPhone. The Unlocker is Sherif_Hashim who lives in Egypt and is a Neuro Surgeon. For a moment we believe that Dev-Team is a part of the Apple and they get a handsum money for making the Unlocks. Then why Apple posts out the Baseband Updates to stop this Unlock thing? is Apple mad, they spend so much money on developing a New Firmware then spending on the Devs to make the Unlock. Do give it a thought.


Dev-Team charges 30% to developers in the jailbreak Cydia store. Remind you of anything? Yea, Apple does that too! Does that ring any bells?

My Opinion:

The Cydia was a project of Saurik. Dev-Team doesn’t charges the Developers in the Cydia store. It is the repos where your package and they can charge you for that. The reason Apple does is to run their App Store. As far as i know Apple buys the Apps from you and then put into the App Store.


Everyone knows that most people use Windows in this world, no one is that rich to afford a Mac. Dev-Team always develops Mac jailbreaks first, and almost never a Windows jailbreak. They lie that it’s hard to make a Windows version (pffft…. yea, good one guys!). They release Mac first, BECAUSE they want to get more sales for Apple! They are Apple.

My Opinion:

With this MAC Love point i would totally disagree because the whole development is done on MAC and Linux. windows is rarely used. The Apple SDK is only for MAC not for windows. So the whole development takes Place on MAC. If you every download a Cydia package manually so it will be in .DEB format which is of MAC. The best this iPhone,iPod,and iPad supports MAC OS X based system. So it is easy for them to make the Jailbreak on MAC first and then windows. The point mentioned above “They release Mac first, BECAUSE they want to get more sales for Apple” is totally LAME. No one buys a MAC to do the Jailbreak as soon as it is out. They all wait for the windows Version.


Geohot was the real iPhone unlucker and Zibri made the easiest jailbreak. Dev-Team (aka Apple) were forced to kick out Geohot and Zibri because they knew they both could make easy 1 click jailbreaks. They wanted to make complex jailbreaks, no the 1 click Geohot style kind. With the 1 click jailbreaks it would look to Apple’s carriers like AT&T that Apple is actually trying to ban the jailbreaks, when they’re not.

My Opinion:

About this another Lame Point. The Dev-Team never kicked out any one. they left the Jailbreaking scene. Zibri first made the Jailbreak for OS1.1.1 on iPhone2G then he was never seen again. As far as Geo Hot is concerned, He was the first person to unlock the iPhone2G on OS3.1.2. So is he also a part of the Apple Team?


Dev-Team has a donation page where they say they don’t want any donation. A real hacker would ask for donations, there’s no way they would work their ass off on jailbreaks and unlocks for that much time for nothing. You know why they don’t ask for donations or charge for jailbreak? YEA, they get paid a really handsome sum by Apple.

My Opinion:

A real hacker would never ask for a donation. It is up to the people to Donate them. If they ask for the donation so people will think they charge them for the Unlock and Jailbreaking Stuff.


If Dev-Team were real hackers, they would also support the cracked apps. But they don’t! They also put up a message once you add the hackulo repo on your Cydia. They don’t want you to crack and don’t support it. You know why? Because then they [Apple] loose 30% from the App Store!

My Opinion:

A real Hacker never promotes piracy stuff. If a hacker is to support piracy so they should have putted the whole guide on how to make a Jailbreak and find exploits and stuff. Piracy is banned all over the world. The person who cracks the Apps say to Purchase them not to spread Piracy. the reason for cracking an App is to test them before buying it.

That’s all for now and if you got any thing to say so feel free to post below and give us your Opinion Also. And I am not a part of any Dev-Team or a Developer. I am just a user.