Sat. May 28th, 2022

Is iPhone 5 To Allow Switching Between GPUs (VIDEO)

This morning we have seen a video around the globe claiming to be have an special prototype of iPhone 5, the tipster who flooded the web claims that the iPhone shows in the video is iPhone 5 with having a special features of switching between the multiple GPU’s.  The prototype shows up a new Developers tab, which allow users to switch between the graphic processors.

According to the tipster, it’s a special prototype of iPhone provided to partners by Apple to test the graphic performance, in the start of January. We have heard a rumor suggests that iPhone 5 may support dual core SGX543 GPU. The preference pane shows switching between SGX535 and SGX545 — a pair of graphics processors made by Imagination Technologies.

In the video the device shows two GPU’s, the first uses by Apple in the iPhone 4 and the second one was the unknown, was not used by Apple in any device yet.  The device shows the second GPU “SGX545” which was announced back in the January 2010. According to the specifications of the chip, the device is said to be specially optimized for 3D and a high-defination GPU. The specs say it delivers 40 million polygons per second at 200MHz. Apple is a part owner in the Imagination Technologies.