Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Is iPad 2 Jailbreak Ready and Coded as Elevator

Few minutes ago, We have reported that i0n1c may going to charge people for future jailbreak exploits and tools. We also got confirmation words from different dev’s on it, well if this gonna happen it will change the totally way of jailbreaking history. We have also reported that we got some words about the iPad 2 jailbreak from sources. We got news from some tweets of jailbreaking community that iPad 2 jailbreak is ready and will come from i0n1c and his team, and they already coded as a “Elevator”.

Here is the reference tweet we got from the Veeence, who says that i0n1c and msuiche has developed the iPad 2 jailbreak and will release it before than the Comex’s iPad 2 jailbreak.


The iPad 2 jailbreak by @i0n1c & @msuiche (codenamed: elevator) is still being worked on. Might get released even before @comex does it.



Exactly, it means that neither @thegrugq, @i0n1c or I won’t publicly release our Ipad 2 JB or share details with the vendor. Now, go crying.

We have also got words from the msuiche who developed iPad 2 jailbreak with i0n1c, he saying that they not going to release the iPad 2 jailbreak publicly or share it with vendors means, iPhone Dev Team.


The above information was misinterpreted by the people, which lead to wrong meaning. After some confirmation Jailbreak,Exploits and all the stuff mentioned won’t be for money or sold.