Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Is iPad 2 getting the new Light Peak (High Speed Connection) Technology?

As we recently informed that Apple will be soon unveils the new high speed connection to their devices which will be based on the Intel’s Light Peak technology and now this report also clear the “mystery port” founded in the earlier iPad 2 cases.

iPad 2 getting new Light Peak Technology

Back in third week of January 2011, we found two iPad 2 cases from the from third-party manufacturers. These earlier designs have mystery port on the top of side of it, which won’t clear the concept of this port. Some said that this port is of a Mini DisplayPort Connector or this is for iPad USB Connector.

If you are looking to Light Peak prototypes, you may notice that they use hybrid USB 3 connector that causes confusion for Light Peak connector, but this time there is no exact connector is described for Light Peak, but this port is close to the earlier USB rumors of iPad 2.  According to recently Light Peak presentation, it seems that the Light Peak could also adopt a mini USB style as well.