Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Is iCloud iPhone Coming? Is Now Under Apple

Once again Apple is rumored by its moves that the company may release a low-cost “budget iPhone” at the media conference on October 4th, as the device has been rumored several times in the past, we have learned that the new low cost iPhone to provide minimal storage as compared to the normal full cost iPhone, the budget iPhone will totally rely on the streaming content from the cloud /or from Apple’s iCloud.

Just ahead of the media event, Apple is gone and take the control of the domain name, but is really hinting something? As noted by the folks over, MacRumors, the domain firstly registered by some unknown party way back on April 29, the same day Apple take over the domain from the real owners.

 The party registered the domain anonymously under Go Daddy and Domains by Proxy, while Apple uses brand management firm MarkMonitor when it wishes to preserve its anonymity for such purposes.

According to the report Apple gain the control over the domain about two weeks ago, the WHOIS record suggesting Apple INC as a new owner of the domain from September 14, So what is exactly mean? New iCloud iPhone? Well No!

 iCloud iPhone

Apple only registers domain names that are infringing their trademarks, and are associated to their products, in order to protect their brand from the third-parties from using their name on digital media. Apple has already registered number of domains back in the start of this year, which are related to the So we don’t think that the purchase of this domain really meant to a new iPhone based on the Apple’s iCloud, but we still can’t claim, because only Apple knows what it is exactly mean.