Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Iranian Government Launched MITM Hack To Spy Gmail and Google Services

These days many hackers group like LulzSec and Anonymous gets a decent amount of attention from mainstream media, when they come to do something evil, but now it seems that governments has also start appearing in the mainstream media by launching hacking attacks. It is reported that Iranian government may have launched an attack on internet traffic which not only affects normal users also cuts the roots of the hacker groups from last couple of weeks. According to the report of security analyst, Iranian hackers have launched an MITM attack with support of Iran government, which compromises the Google SSL security and allow hackers to track every bit of the communication between user and server, this attack includes Gmail and all other Google services.  If you don’t know about the MITM attack, here we have a short on it:

An MITM attack, or Man-In-The-Middle attack, is a cyber attack that allows an attacker to covertly intercept or even modify data as it is being transmitted between two computers over the Internet.


This attack is launched through using a certificate in browsers, which issued on July 10th by Dutch SSL certificate authority DigiNotar. The report claims that Iranian hackers have been capturing all communications sent over Gmail and other Google other services, from more than five weeks. Now at the time of reporting DigiNotar has revoked the compromised SSL certificate from their directory on Monday, and also notifies all browser giants to take a look into their browsers for that certificate. Mozilla has already take a step on it and releases the update to Firefox and Thunderbird that cancels the trust for DigiNotar signed certificate, while Google has said to release an update to Chrome in the upcoming days, also the Apple and Microsoft didn’t say anything about the certificate and updates for their browsers.