Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPoo: Is This Apple’s Upcoming Bathroom Product

We have come across many new products and innovations made by Apple from time to time. We have seen how the cellphone technology changed from single touch to multi-touch with awesome graphics. Apple has been working in the field of Computers, Cellphones, Music, and now even TV’s.

Apple is well known for its iDevices and MACs. This year we can expect a new TV update by Apple as pointed by the rumors before. Apple has improved almost everything which we use in our daily lives and changed the way we used to use them. Even Apple has made our daily life works easier after the release of iPhone 4S with SIRI. SIRI is the virtual personal assistant in iPhone 4S which helps you out with your daily life reminders, text messages, and much more.

We have seen Apple in improving every way. It was also rumored that Apple might be working on a Printer. Till Printer, TV, and iDevices, we can tolerate Apple. But, what if Apple starts to make some bathroom Stuff for its users? What they will name the accessories used in the Bathroom?

Don’t know? Well. No need to worry. Today we came across a new sleek and designed humble toilet with the name of iPoo.

The amazing thing it that this product is not designed by Apple. This is designed by Belgrade designer Milos Paripovic. The design is not related to Apple anyhow and it was not designed after seeing the Apple logo. The name iPoo is a Toilet humor. His work is also not related to Apple internationally. If you see it more like Apple, so you must do as the owner of this iPoo says:

“Some people may think it looks like Apple logo, but I disagree. If you see Apple logo everywhere maybe you should see a psychiatrist and take a look at a few Rorschach inkblot cards.”

The amazing thing is that it will look like Apple logo but this is not meant to be Apple logo because the design of this iPoo toilet is so unique that one’s bottom can fit easily in it. The shape of this toilet is made that way. It also got one button which doesn’t make this an Apple’s Product.

This toilet is the same color as Apple logo. That’s why it might be imitating like Apple’s Logo. We would say that the maker of this toilet got a great sense of humor.

What do you guys think about this iPoo Toilet?

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