Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple To Introduce Curve-Glass Powered iPod To Wrap On Wrist

Who exactly knows about the future plans of the tech company which have big authority in the market with outclass security around the R&D departments around the world. It is already revealed that how Apple has been treating third party developers for using their unreleased devices to develop native applications for them, at the moment of iPad launch. While the Apple has tightened their security regarding the upcoming projects, it’s been noticed that leakers also come in action and reveal a lot information regarding the devices before company announcement.

The New York Times today reported that Apple has been working secretly on several wearable devices for their customers, including the new technology powered curved-glass iPod, which would be able to wrap around the wrist or anywhere due to use of the curve glass display. According to the report, the new curved glass powered devices will feature the Siri on it that allows us to control them with the voice or control other devices through them with our voice using Siri on them. In addition to it, the devices will feature some of our iPhone / iPad data on them like iCloud, or uses the iPhone libraries.

The publisher reported that the Cupertino tech giant has a small group of workers around there, with which they have been testing out these devices just like executives who makes round of the markets with newer hardware. The report comes from the person who involves in the company’s future products plans.

It appears that Apple may not be one to introduce such a thing in the market by 2012, as the reports also suggest that Samsung and Google has been also working hard to introduce products and gadgets with the curved glass, as displayed in the start of this year on CES 2011. The publisher also reported that Apple has been also working to promote the curve glass displays in their smartphones and tablets by 2012 or later.