Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPod With 3G Capability Leaked Officially Via Apple Servers (Image)

Apple has got a good record of leaking things, Officially and unofficially. They have planned for some sort of Marketing of their unreleased products. If you remember the time when iPhone 4 was launched, it was previously dropped in a Bar by the designer of iPhone 4 and got leaked in Wild. Later on Apple fired the Designer of iPhone 4. And after sometime they found out the peoples who bought the iPhone 4 prototype from the seller.

After this big case of lost iPhone 4 prototype, Apple didn’t tightened their security for their prototypes. This year before the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple reported that they had lost the iPhone 4S/5 prototype of which investigation is still in process. While the the rumors for the new iPhone 4S were at large, the same time we came across a news that Apple is planning for the 3G capable iPod Touch. It was not shown on any place or leaked on some website, but was shown on official Apple’s website.

The iPod was same as the iPod 4th Gen but with Signal bars without the name of the carrier. This time the leak is more prominent and more clear. Once again the leak is made by the Apple’s Image Server for the 3G capable iPod Touch.

In the above picture you can see clearly that the 3G enabled iPod Touch is displayed with integration with some wrist band or watch type hand band, assuming. The iPod is demoing some sort of health tracking watch or band with an App compatible with iPod 3G Enabled.

It is still unclear that what Apple might be coming up with. Apple might be looking into something totally new this time, as the competition is high. Well it is very early to say any thing about the image which was Tweeted by @SonnyDickson few minutes back.

In our opinion take this image as a rumor, although it is shown on Apple’s Image Server. Lets wait for some official confirmation and then believe that this is true. Any how Apple might be planning to release an iPod with 3G capability early next year with iPad Mini.