Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

iPod Nano With Rear-Camera Ready To Launch In March/April

Earlier this morning, the publications around the niche came across to the new prototype pictures of the iPod Nano from the Apple with option of the rear-facing camera in the iPod Nano. The exact images were also shown off by the sources in the past claiming to be the next-generation iPod Nano, but no one actually able to confirm the world whether Apple going to adopt this design changes to iPod Nano or are this is just rumors.

However, after some hours of debate around the globe regarding the pictures the folks over M.I.C Gadget, come over the web and reported that the pictured device was a two-month old prototype of iPod Nano on which Apple developers have been facing issues with the implementation of 1.3-megapixel camera in the rear of iPod Nano. The developers of the new iPod Nano prototype had been having difficulties in sorting out the camera taking overexposed photos.

According to the report from the sources, the internal interface of the iPod Nano with the support of 1.3-megapixel camera is completed and the device is in the waiting list, ready to hit its prime time. The source commented that Apple is looking to the launch this iPod Nano later this quarter or may in the start of the next quarter, the launch of the device is totally depended on the camera issue.

In the recent past, Apple has not given any identical changes to its iPod Nano device, and may be this year they will give it a new feature and service which might again help the device to gain its value back in the heart of users. Apple has typically selected September to October timeframe to launch new iPod (Music) related devices, but since the last year Apple has started pushing the launches of their devices to new dates and quarters. So the source may be correct in their claim on the availability of the device in the market.