Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhoto For iPhone and iPad Is Available In App Store

In addition to many software updates, and the launch of new iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3 launch event, Apple has also launched the exclusive iPhoto application for the iPad, and amazingly doesn’t label the application only exclusive to the upcoming devices. The new iPhoto is available in the App Store with universal access on all the iOS devices from iPhone to iPad all devices are compatible. The iPhoto is finally arrived on the iOS, and is especially designed for the users who want to do something crazy with their images on the iOS devices.
download iphoto for ipad and iphone

iPhoto for iOS allows you to edit your images right on your iPhone and iPad with the highly customized and ease of use gestures based tools and the UI of the tool on the iOS devices. Apple has released the iPhoto for iOS with a little price tag of $4.99, at least less than the Adobe’s Photoshop Touch application for the iPad 2. Apple has released the iPhoto for iOS with highly gestures based integrated features for the iPad users. It allows a couple of new features to the users with an ability to share the edited images directly on the social network websites like Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

iPhoto for iOS is also come with the highly integration of the iCloud in the application that allows you to sync your content around the different devices; moreover, it carries many new features like Journal, and the ability to easily create the collage of your image gallery collection right on your iPad. It appears that iPhoto is especially designed for the iPad, and at end time Apple decided to roll it out also for the iPhone users. Apple has developed the iPhotos with the brilliant UI that actually attracts the users, and captures their attention upon the UI elements of the application. It is reported that firstly, the application only arrives for the devices who updated their system to the latest released iOS 5.1, and now it is reported that Apple has just removed the limitation and allowed the application to be installed on the iOS 5.0.1 devices too.

You can download the app for iPhone or iPad here from the App Store.