Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

iPhone 4 Dock And Handset Gets You In To Ancient Times

It feels very excited find this item. Its looks very cool, modern and sleek.

The Company mixed up the old fashioned woodwork and cutting edge technology so perfectly that it became a classic iPhone accessory.

The surface, which is a black sticker, grips the iPhone nicely so it does not budge. The clip on the side holds the cord in place and the jack is wedged between the iPhone and top so that during use there is NO way for the jack to come loose. Very nice feature.

The clarity of the handset is top-notch. The handset seems comfortable for use and easy to hold.

Its a new way of using your mobile phone at home and office. Compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch Models (for Skype calls) and other wireless phones with 3.5 mm headphone plugs. No pairing required and provides high clarity. Cable is neatly organized with a holder (charging cable not included).  It also keeps your iDevice charged with a built-in USB cable. It is capable of connecting to your iPhone through Bluetooth and the most amazing thing is that, it comes with an old fashioned handset which make this new handmade wooden dock very beautiful and attractive.