Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Is Wintek Working On iPhone 5 Touch Screens Right Now?

Almost every third Apple gadget lover knows that Apple is around the corner with its next generation iPhone 5, and now in these days whole world only relies on the leaks of the iPhone 5 parts and their specification details. In addition to the recent news and leaks, here we have founded some pictures leak from the high profile folks, which claims that they have found Wintek workers in checking and testing the touch screens of iPhone, and guess what?, these are iPhone 5 screens.

According to the report, these pictures come to us through the micro-blogging website for China “Sina Microblog”, similar to the twitter. One of the users has posted these pictures, which shows that workers wearing protective uniforms and masks to save their self from the dangerous acid used in the production of Apple’s product touch screens, recently it was reported that some workers of Wintek had poisoned due to using dangerous acid and material for finalizing the touch screens.


From the above published images we have found that the touchscreens carries some different type of home button, such as rumor mill suggested that iPhone 5 to carry larger home button than current iPhone 4 model, and this is reason which leads to take this screenshot as a image of iPhone 5 touchscreens, you must have a question in mind that who can we claim that these images are really from Wintek, someone commented that these images are belongs to Wintek, on the forum where the original user posted the images.