Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPhone 5 Low-Cost Model Showed Up In Market Of Beijing

If you are really losing your sense just because to know about the iPhone 5 launch from Apple, then here we have a quite shock for you because as Apple has rumored to begun pre-orders of iPhone 5 in late September while following the launch somewhere early in October, mostly expected on 5 October. Well the real shock is here, while Apple is busy in sorting out the all problems and deals, China seems to be quietly start manufacturing their own low price iPhone 5, which comes up with the exactly look, we have heard from several rumors and also the device is comes up with a tagline “Designed By Apple In California, Assembled in China”, so what’s next?

If you are a traditional user of iOS devices, you must have acknowledge that Apple has given this rights to China to put their label on the back of iPhone and on all other iOS devices, you can simply confirm that by looking in to back cover of your next generation device. But still it really does meant that China black market manufactures can play with exclusive rights of Apple or can simply produce low cost next generation iPhone an unreleased device. The device we are talking about, obtain by the eagle eye folks of Engadget who believes that this low cost iPhone exactly carries the same design as rumored by sources about the iPhone 5.

Well it’s not a first time when we are hearing something like this news, in mid of June we are reported by the sources that there are some local manufacturers in China who are already up with low-cost iPhone model and there also many dealers who inks the deal of manufacturing iPhone 5 cases exactly to the rumor designs. So why not you check out the device by yourself, and hit our comment section with your review about the low-cost model of iPhone.