Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Leak Screenshot Of iPhone 5 Suggests 64 GB Capacity Model

Since the start of the week, we have seen couple of leaks regarding the iPhone 5 not about parts, recently there was a picture of Sushii all over the web, claims to be taken by the Apple’s unreleased iPhone 5 with 8 Mega-Pixel camera lens, the picture suggest to be taken by an Apple engineer. Now it is reported that someone just leak a screenshot of iPhone 5 running iOS 5, and more interestingly suggests 64 GB memory capable iPhone device.


The image is popped up on the internet from the source of PocketNow, who believes that above screenshot is taken on iPhone 5, and seems to be carrying a 64 GB memory on it along with iOS 5. The site is also noted from the rumor mill, that Apple is going to implement some kind of virtual home button in the screen, which provides bigger screen to users, “apparently allows for a larger screen, although no specific dimensions were given.”