Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPhone 5 To Thin As An iPod Touch, Suggests Leak Cases

I’m getting bored with all of the iPhone 5 leak cases, but will still up to give you a quick update on the cases, and their suggestions about the iPhone 5 design, as we have reported your before that iPhone 5 cases are already available in the market of China and you can easily get them, even before the launch of device. This year we have learn that cases manufacturers has good sources in the Asian companies, who leaks the design information of the upcoming devices to them. As the days goes, we are seeing more and more iPhone 5 cases around the web and market, but we are missing an interesting point of them.


All of the leaked iPhone 5 cases out there in China or around the globe have one thing similar, and all suggest one thing. All of the cases suggests that iPhone 5 to be a thinner than the current available iPhone 5 also to sport a bigger screen than iPhone 4. It is reported that iPhone 5 is expected to be “thin as an iPod Touch,” seems to be a pretty bold statement at this time, but you can also say the same after having a look in to some pictures of cases.