Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Started To Assemble iPhone 5 For October Launch (Report)

If you are regular reader at FreakGeeks you must be aware of the rumors about the iPhone 5 Launch. Now all rumors are pointing towards the October launch for iPhone 5. Few hours back we told you about the leaked memo from Best Buy which suggested that, Sprint will be getting iPhone 5 for launch in first week of October.

Now a Chinese website is claiming that Apple manufacturers Foxconn and Petagron have begun assembling Apple’s iPone 5 with 85% work load for Foxconn and the rest 15% load to be taken by Petagron.

According to Chinese sources, Foxconn Technology and Pegatron Technology is the next iPhone that began production at a rate of 15% and 85% of the number of production plans.

It is lso said that the iPhones are not yet packed because they got no iOS to run on them as iOS 5 is not yet released and it i in its Beta Stages. This week Apple released the seventh Beta of iOS for developers. So we expect GM to be the next release by Apple.

The source of Chinese Website macotakara is not reliable because in August they said that Petgron will be releasing iPhone 5 in September and now they point towards the launch of October.