Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

iPhone5 Will Not have Rear Glass Surface and Many Improvements Will Be Made?

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reports that According to a Chinese source, Apple is changing the rear part of iPhone 5 to aluminum which was used for first iPhone’s instead of glass or might adopt the design similar to iPod touch 4G, after facing lots of issues with white paint and scratches on rear glass surface.

The main points covered in a Report says:

  • Phone 5 will be getting an A5 (dual core) processor just like the iPad 2.
  • Antenna will be designed just behind Apple Logo so that cellular and Wi-Fi signal can penetrate easily
  • Aluminum will be used in the rear part of iPhone 5 and will not have glassy surface as the current iPhone 4 has. This step has been taken by the Cupertinos in the wake of the growing complaints of iPhone 4’s back glassgetting scratched a bit too easily. iPod Touch 4G too has an aluminum sporting back so this is where it is coming from.

The iPhone5 is said to be going on sale in Summer and it is expected to release some where in June/July at WWDC 2011.

The above is just a concept design which looks a lot like iPod4. Till now there is no confirmation on iPhone5. But after iPad2 it is highly expected that iPhone5 will be worked on. Previously some parts of iPhone5 were leaked.