Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

“iPhone 5” Term Ranked Sixth In Top Google Search Of 2011

As we all know, the year is going to end soon, and marketers planning their deals to throw in public on the start of the next year. Google has just published its annual report of the most searched terms in this year on their search engine under the name of Zeitgeist of 2011. The report highlights numerous most searched terms of the year, and like previous years report results. Apple and its few products got their self listed in the most search trend on Google. This year report reveals the users interest regarding the Apple’s feature products and as well as the fame of the Google’s owned property Social Network site named “Google+”.

iPhone 5 Ranked SIxth
This year report ranked Google’s owned social network at the second place, and the ranked the term “iPhone 5” at the sixth place as the most searched trend of the year (2011), and the most rising trend in the last few months on a global basis. The term “iPhone 5” ranked as the most highest-profile in the Google search data, due to the million of rumors regarding the launch of the device, and the news targeting the different aspects of the device. As we have also reported a lot about the iPhone 5 release this year, and as well as the analyst reports which suggest that Apple may release iPhone 5 this year with more powerful specifications from the iPhone 4.

Google has also noted that the search for the term “iPhone 5” rose 1,658% between 2010 and 2011, during the announcement week of the new device by Apple. This year, Apple has double crossed the sources and the rumors mill by killing the iPhone 5 launch at the last moment and  launched the iPhone 4S. Along with the “iPhone 5” term appearance in the search results of the 2011, Apple has also made several appearances in the Google’s high-profile search terms with Steve Jobs at ninth position and the iPad 2 – the magical device of the year at the tenth position of the most searched term of 2011.