Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

MuscleNerd Shows The iPhone 4S Preliminary Jailbreak

Since the Apple unveils its next generation of iPhone 4S earlier this month, everyone wondering when we get the jailbreak and unlock for the new device. It appears before the launch of iPhone 4S that jailbreak community has been working on the jailbreak for the newer device, and finally after two weeks of the launch. iPhone Dev Team today has shown up few pictures of the new iPhone 4S jailbreak, but noted that it’s only a preliminary jailbreak stage for the new iPhone 4S.

iPhone Dev Team has published few pictures of the iPhone 4S running Cydia and Siri, last night on their official twitter client. MuscleNerd announces that the jailbreak still needs a lot of work, and this is the very early stage of iPhone 4S jailbreak. They have publicly announced that the jailbreak requires a lot of time, since the Apple has introduced its new iPhone 4S with the A5 Processor, which seems to be different from the previous version and requires, some new, exploit in bootrom of the device to run Cydia or other tweaks on the device.

On the other hand, Chronic Dev Team also announced at the JailbreakCon – the first jailbreak event, that they have found some exploits in iOS 5 to produce untethered jailbreak for all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone 4S and iPad 2. You have to keep in mind that the jailbreak is still under construction, and as said by team “lot of work is pending.”