Sat. May 28th, 2022

iPhone 4S To Reach China Mainland In January 2012

Since the Apple has yet to land its new device in the world’s biggest sea of the telecomunication, China. We have reported you this month that Apple has send out its device to the Chinese Government rulers to check and pass their device for 3G license in the China. As the Apple has got their hand on the approval, it seems that Apple has also done up with the certification for iPhone 4S by the China Compulsory Certification to launch the iPhone 4S in the mainland of China.


According to the report by the People Daily, the Apple has successfully able to get the all required certification regarding the launch of the iPhone 4S, and now will soon land its newly hyped device in the sea, where the device is already available through the black market. The publisher claimed that iPhone 4S model A1431 will hit the Chinese market earlier next year, in the first month January.

iPhone 4S In China

Apple has already seen a lot of potentional response from the Chinese market last year with the sales of iPhone 4 and MacBook series in the mainland of China. Apple has already inked the deal with China Unicom in China for the exclusive sale of iPhone 4S in the China, and the carrier has already spend a lot of big money amount in the promotion of exclusive iPhone 4S availability. The former-CEO of Apple, Steve Job, also said in the statement in an interview that they have planned something different for the China, and they will cash every bit of their Apple product fanship in the China.


China is also known as the main country who targets the Apple’s product with low quality mockups of the devices, and had already sends out numerous products in the market, which could make you fool in first look of the device.