Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Meet The Useless Temporary iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband Unlock Without Jailbreak

Earlier this week, we have come across to the video publishing on several same niche blogs claiming to provide unlock for iPhone 4S baseband using the little bug in the system of iPhone 4S. The unlock says to be only working with specified carriers in the US, the folks behind the video say the trick only works with the AT&T system, and allows users to plug the T-Mobile USA SIM. After receiving a handsome amount of attention from all the iPhone hacker community, at the end we have some words from the MuscleNerd, the key member of the iPhone Dev Team, defining the actual work of the iPhone 4S unlock.

MuscleNerd says the trick is not the bug, basically it’s the new method of activating the iPhone with the carrier, which gives the space to put another carrier SIM at the moment, but the unlock only works for few seconds as it bases on the TMSI of the device, and works only until your device does not refresh its TMSI. After hearing about the unlock method, many of our loyal readers ask us about the unlock trick, an even couples of them tried it on their device, but gets the unlock status for few minutes on their devices.

After the day of this trick discovery, some trolls around the web come up with a statement that the trick actually also works with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS baseband, but requires some extra steps to perform it on their device to get the unlock status. Since the Apple has releases the iOS 5 to be public, many users lost their unlock status in the hype of iOS 5, and forget about the baseband update with iOS update. The new 04.11.08 baseband requires a lot of work to crack it for the iPhone unlock, and the same time iPhone Dev team also busy in defeating the Apple’s new SHSH Blobs monster, which prevents the users from downgrading their iOS, even on saved SHSH blobs.

Earlier today, we have reached the MuscleNerd again to ask him about the scam iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS baseband unlock, he clearly stated in the tweet that the trick only works on the newer device but only for a couple of seconds, which is useless and could hurt your SIM chip, if you try again and again

As expected, there is no trick available to get unlock on the latest iPhone basebands, so if you are thinking to waste your money on any of these trick memos, avoid it. Because, as stated above by MuscleNerd, there is no unlock for the old gen device, as well as on the latest device only longs for seconds.