Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone iOS Also Spying You With Carrier IQ – Here’s How To Disable

A couple of hours ago, we have reported you about the nasty tracking software found in the roots of the different mobile phones, which tracks your every move with the device and as well as the keystrokes, messages’ conversations, logs each and everything user does on the device. Originally, it was reported that the tracking software from the Carrier IQ appears only on the BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and HTC phones. But the famous jailbreak hacker, Chpwn has just announced on the twitter that Carrier IQ software is also found in the latest iOS 5 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Earlier, this month, the software which is known as IQRD was exposed by the 25 years old Android developers, and demos the software work with a video and his HTC EVO 4G. The system highlighted by him logs everything, like messages, keystrokes, dial pad numbers and even the encrypted web pages on the device.

According to the earlier reports, the software does not only log your activity on the devices, as well sends out some of the data to unknown sources,  which shows the scariest part of the story. The folks that research on the software have explained that software comes up with the pre-installed roms on the devices from the carriers, to sends out the data to carrier’s servers to inform them about the carrier signal ranges and about network bugs.

However, the hacker also claims that someone can easily hack that information with having right information and research on the security logging of the device. It appears that Apple has not baked the software to the core of their devices, and users can easily get rid from them by toggling few options from the, as the jailbreak app hacker Chpwn highlighted the Carrier IQ software can be easily disabled on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5 by disabling the “Diagnostic and Usage” in the of the device.