Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked, Is This iPhone 5?

Few minutes ago we have reported about the cheaper iPhone model “iPhone 4S” casing, which looks like a iPhone 4 but with some tweaked antenna place to fix the antenaagate problem in the future iPhone. Now it is reported that some more images hit the web labeled as “iPhone N94 Prototype” back cover, N94 model of iPhone is dubbed for next generation iPhone in the iOS 5 SDK and developers has already reported about the model, the back cover of the prototype is labeled “EVT” (Engineering Verification Test) and dated June 7, 2011.

Firstly the “iPhone N94” appears in the SDK code back in iOS 4.3 and developers assume it as a next generation iPhone internal model number, and N94 was identified as iPhone 4 model with Apple’s A5 processor, which we have spotted in the second generation iPad. Meanwhile, the AT&T iPhone 4 carries the model designation N90 while the Verizon iPhone 4 is called the N92. Both current iPhone 4 models use the slower A4 processor.


In last couple of months, we have heard many times about the N94 iPhone, as cheaper model of iPhone with support A5 processor chip, and to carries the same design we have on the current generation iPhone 4. Many folks around the web assumed this model as a new generation iPhone 5 model or some still reporting about it as iPhone 4S, at the time of writing we are bit confused about the model. We’ll keep you update on it, keep in touch with us @FreaKGeeKs