Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone Hackers Found A Way To Add Custom Siri Commands

Less than a month ago, we have firstly talked with Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri, and in the really less time she got it in the headlines of the publications. Siri has already gain a lot of hype among the users, as well as iPhone Hackers, who wants to make it available on other iOS devices such as iPad 2 and iPhone 4. There’s a really long debate have done among the geeks all over the world, to port the service to iPhone 4 or other devices.


While the port seems to be successfully done on later device, but didn’t out yet publicly because of Apple’s iPhone 4S firmware piracy, which widely prevent hackers to not publish the tutorials and files that may allow users to make contact with Apple’s server from iPhone 4 hardware. All the process is going smoothly around the hackers lane, but it seems that someone is also achieved a mark in finding out a way to make your own custom Siri commands on Apple Servers.

The infamous Jailbreak developer Chpwn, who recently involved in Siri port on other iOS devices announced via his twitter account that he is working with another developer to all Siri to accept users custom commands and gets its answer via Apple’s cloud Siri Servers. The new hacker “Aman Gupta” has just announced on his twitter that he has found a way to add custom commands to Siri. He has posted couple of images on twitter showing his progress:


Well, it’s worth note here, don’t get to much excited about the tweak. The tweak needs some unfamiliar steps, and requires a complete iPhone 4S jailbreak to add custom files in the core system of device. Keep in touch with us, we will keep you updated on this.