Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

iPhone Can Detect Signs Of Skin Cancer With Help Of “Skin Scan” App

No doubt Apple has geared up its iPhone with amazing features, which proving itself day by day with amazing new features, last time we have seen iPhone’s and iPod’s presence in the medical firms, the most recent thing we got is iPhone can do powerful ECG, means Mobile ECG and now, we are hearing that iPhone can detect the signs of skin cancer with the help of app named “Skin Scan”. According to the description the app can analyze the photos taken from the camera of iPhone, or iPod Touch of the moles and tells about you the possible signs of skin cancer.

The app uses the fractal map tissue analysis, which is claimed to be a fully automated, self improving analysis algorithm. The app is available under the App Store for download. Well the doctor analysis is much better than app, but this app is a modern technology example which shows that we can do many important task with new technology.