Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPhone Beats RIM In Canada, Now RIM Looking For iOS Developers To Safe World

Apple already outsold many of its biggest rivals in the market with its massive sales growth of the iPhone in the market, and the demand among the users for the next-generation iPhone. Despite, Apple had lost a slightly number of users to Android last year with the introduction of revised design upgraded model in the public, but still the company achieved the World’s Top Mobile Vendor title, and as well as conquered with its one of the biggest rivals to again achieve the title back. Apple had already beaten the RIM in sales many months ago, but still it was reported that RIM topping among the iPhone sales in the home-ground where RIM has its headquarter of all the services.

It is now reported that Apple finally beats the RIM in Canada too, with the massive sales of the iPhone in the zone, and outsold the RIM in its home-ground. We have seen many big industries left out the RIM’s Blackberry’s and favored for the new generation sleek looking iPhone devices. Many industry users don’t like the BlackBerry phones to use, and want to get their hands on the iPhone, and therefore, many companies have planned to drop down the RIM’s Blackberry and adopt the iPhone devices for their company workers.

RIM had been ruling the mobile industry from years with its exclusive smartphone devices and the corporate services to the industry for their workers, and provides the push email notifications, including private messaging network, that helps them to be updated with the latest announcements across the company, but lately it is reported that Apple has also launched the similar service to come over the RIM’s exclusive feature, and offers the same feature to the users with its iMessages on the iOS devices.

In back 2007, RIM was the only king present in the smartphone industry, but later when Apple launched its iPhone in the market, and shortly after Google joined the party with Android in the industry, RIM lost many valuable users to both of these companies, and now day by day losing its customers to the world’s top mobile Vendor Company Apple.

On the other hand, after admission of defeat from Apple, RIM is now reportedly advertising on its LinkedIN profile for an iOS developer with solid skills on the iOS platform to build some corporate applications for the Canadian based company to enter in the iOS platform. The advertisement didn’t reveal the deeper thoughts regarding the RIM’s move of joining the iOS platform, and looking for the iOS developer to build some applications.

We believe that RIM is now looking forward to bringing its exclusive services to cross platforms, and starting from the iOS, like all the other rivals launching their applications in the App Store. In the past, it was reported that RIM is looking forward to porting its BBM network application for the iOS devices, to provide Blackberry existing users to be in contact with the friends, and buddies moved on to the Apple’s iPhone.