Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iPhone 5 Will Support HSPA+ Technology Confirms China Unicom

AS Apple moving towards the next generation iPhone model announcement media event, in the start of the next month on October 14th. We are hearing couple of rumors again regarding the some uncleared and less evidence features of iPhone 5, such as iPhone to 5 support NFC technology or not.

iPhone 5 To Support HSPA+

In the last couple of months we have seen Apple rumored many time by sources to equip iPhone 5 with the next generation HSPA+ technology, but on the same time Apple comments that they are not rushing to obtain the unstable technologies for their smartphones. But now it seems that Apple has played a little move with the public and finally start obtaining the new technology network medium for their new iPhones model.

Japanese IT News Site ” PC Watch “Tells That, Research vice president of China Unicom , Huan Wenliang, told iPhone five Will Support W-CDMA based high-speed Data Transfer standard HSPA Evolution “HSPA +” (21Mbps) at Keynote speech in Macworld Asia 2011.

According to a new report by the Japenese based blog, Macotakara, China Unicom’s has just confirmed the folks around the globe that Apple has eqqipped their iPhone 5 with HSPA+ with having capabilities to handle (21Mbps), the Director of China Unicom’s Research Department has revealed the information during the keynote at Macworld Asia 2011. In the first week of August we have heard from the sources in the US that AT&T and Apple is testing its HSPA+ technology within the labs, and later we have found that AT&T has start installing “LTE technology” equipments in the Apple Stores for ground testing of the seceret devices at different conditions and places. Apple iPhone 5 to be carry the Qualcomm next generation chip which adds the ability in the iPhone 5 to handle the both basebands CDMA and GSM at the same time.