Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 5 To Launch On October 1st According To Leaked Documents

As the days are closing by rumors are rising and emerging from day to day. Every day we come across  a new  rumor about the iPhone 5 Launch. iPhone 5 is to launch in September and now in October. Previously some cases were also leaked which were said to be of iPhone 5.

Today a document leaked from some Canadian carrier confirmed the previous rumor that iPhone 5 will be coming in October rather than September. Today BGR got some solid information from their reliable sources via the Canadian carrier Telus that the iPhone 5 will be launching on October 1st.

We have seen seen an internal Telus document that lists October 1st as the launch date, and while the first could just be a place holder, we do not believe that is the case in this instance. The document lists additional launch dates that are not placeholders — several of the listed dates line up with what we’re hearing from other trusted sources.

The day on which October 1st falls is Saturday and according to the history of Apple, they never launched any new iPhone on Saturdays because it is the most busiest day at the retail stores. They have launched their iPhone on Thursday Evening or Friday. The never launched on a weekend. BGR sources also think that the Saturday launch is unrealistic.

The thing is, October 1st is a Saturday and Apple has historically released iPhones on either a Thursday evening or a Friday. Our source has indicated to us that Saturdays are the busiest day of the week for wireless retail stores, of course, and the source does not believe a Saturday launch is unrealistic.

It is also noted by BGR that Apple has launched their iPhones first in USA and then in some other countries. So this means the launch can be in September for some people.