Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPhone 5 To Launch In Second Week Of September, iPad HD Will Come At Year’s End

It seems that China is now the rumor house of Apple’s upcoming devices, day after day we are getting new reports about the launch date and progress of Apple’s iPhone 5 and mostly of them all comes from the land of China, and seems to be legitimate because Apple’s biggest manufacturing house Foxconn is located in China. In recent news we heard many case developers has already got the design of iPhone 5 from their sources and already started the work in developing. Today early morning, China Times comes up with a report about iPhone 5 launch and points the second week of September as a launch week of Apple’s next generation iPhone. They have also claimed that Apple has made an initial order of 400,000 units of iPhone 5 and component suppliers has already started their work. In the past, we have learn, China Times not only familiar with Apple rumors also they have big sources in Apple Production houses.


In the other side of report they also says the rumored iPad 3 or iPad HD launch will be postponed until after Thanksgiving due to component availability. They are not the first who claims the September launch for iPhone 5, almost every big source claims Apple to launch iPhone 5 in September, because they didn’t release any hardware update to iPhone this time in WWDC, so its highly expected Apple to launch iPhone 5 in September along with iOS 5.